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The Venus is the passenger bonus engine of Era 6.

Venus βœ¨πŸ‘₯
Era 6 Passenger bonus engine
Tractive force: 260 (MAX: 295)
Henrich suspension: +35 100πŸ’°
Reliability: 70% (MAX: 90%)
macchris propulsion: +20% 100πŸ’°
Acceleration: 13/20 (MAX: 20/20)
Rau sensor: +7 100πŸ’°
Max. speed: 320 km/h (MAX: 370 km/h)
Cip flange: +50 km/h 100πŸ’°
Purchase price: 2,500 πŸ’° (MAX:2,900πŸ’°)
Requirements: Bought with Gold or won with Competition or Lottery