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v6.6.1 June 9th 2022 Changelog for v6.6.1

Dear Rail Nation players, We have made it our constant priority to improve your game and deliver frequent fixes and additions, in the interest of all. In this regard, we consider this next update as a very important step as it will eliminate many bugs and bring welcome changes that many of you have suggested or recommended to improve the gameplay. We believe you are the most important element in the life and direction of the game and we would like to tell you once again how much your opinions and feedback mean to us. Players are the only reason why a game exists, and you folks are the steam that powers our Rail Nation engines!

Before introducing the full changelog, we would like to detail a few highlights that will come with this update.

These gameplay changes will be introduced to improve your experience, and we count on your feedback here in particular to help us understand if we “nailed it” or if we need a few more adjustments: The “power bonus” will be introduced to every game server with the next restarts. The American Dream scenarios have been partially rebalanced so that the faction points in the endgame phase don’t give 5,000 points but 3,000, effective with the next restarts. The “Overtime” and “Strike” events have been refined and received an AI boost for an overall more pleasing outcome, also effective with the next restarts. Aside from these changes, we have also reworked the tutorial, keeping it a bit shorter and more engaging: While the original flow of the tutorial has been preserved, it has been made shorter by removing steps unnecessary to understand the game, and to get a head start. The research points required to upgrade an engine has been reduced to maintain the coherence of the tutorial.The total rewards available to earn with the tutorial have been increased slightly compared with the previous tutorial. All tutorial changes will be effective with the new starting game rounds. The popular and especially convenient “multi-tool” for setting multiple schedules and servicing or upgrading several engines in one go has now been made available to all players. Since owning a Plus Account prior to this change was the only way to benefit from the tool, we have decided to give all Plus Accounts that are activated in the future an extra free lottery ticket.

Here is the complete changelog for the update.

(*= from next restart only) (TUTORIAL) Many texts and steps have been reworked for a faster and more engaging experience.* (TUTORIAL) Overall, the rewards earned throughout all the steps have been slightly increased.* (TUTORIAL) The research points needed to upgrade the tutorial engine have been reduced to maintain a better game flow.* (TUTORIAL) A few unnecessary steps have been removed for a more engaging pace.* (PREREGISTRATION) The blocked slot duration for preregistered players has been reduced from 72 to 24 hours.* (POWER BONUS) The power bonus will be made available in every game scenario with the next server restart.* (POWER BONUS) The competition bonus will be removed 24 hours before the endgame phase begins.* (AMERICAN DREAM) The faction points for the endgame have been reduced from 5,000 to 3,000.* (NEWBIE BONUS) The bonus has been changed from a guaranteed revenue per tonne to a revenue x2 per tonne instead.* (EVENT) The events “Overtime” and “Strike” have been modified with an AI boost for better results and overall more enjoyable gameplay.* (PRESTIGE) The prestige earned from warehouses and harbours has been reduced by 75%.* (MULTI-TOOL) The multi-tool has been made available to all players. As compensation, all new activations of Plus Accounts will be granted an additional lottery ticket.* (PLATFORM X) Several features from the environment “Platform X” in its last instalment “Titans of Economy” will be brought to the vanilla game (all scenarios)*: Worker auctions delays go down from 120 to 60 minutes Home city prestige bonus is increased from 10,000 to 50,000 Trains will travel faster (visually) on the map Lower-level bank limits are increased (LOADING SCREEN) It is now possible to toggle the sound on/off before entering the game map. (MOBILE) The default view of the train station is now “graphical” (instead of the “list view”). (RESEARCH) Research point visibility has been overhauled to now better indicate the relation between your current points versus your limit in the tech tree page. (UI) The confirmation pop-up upon buying an engine has been removed. (AMERICAN DREAM) Preregistered players that do not join the server until their city has been conquered shall no longer change faction when their city has been conquered by the other faction.* (MOBILE) Important warnings in the train list now have coloured indicators with detailed information. (TRAINSPOTTERS) We have replaced 10 “old” trainspotters from team members no longer working at Rail Nation with 10 “new” trainspotters (players who won the “All Star” challenge): Trainspotter 01: BJHawk Trainspotter 02: yansi Trainspotter 03: Λπѧĩעλђ Trainspotter 04: Sechzga Trainspotter 06: Naike Trainspotter 09: Nighttrain Trainspotter 12: Zlooou Trainspotter 15: Feuermelder