Rail Nation Wiki

A route is a piece of track that connects two industries/cities. You can only pick up and deliver goods to industries/cities that are connected to your track network. The number of routes you can build is determined by the level of your track production. Once a route has been built, it can't be removed.

You start a game round with 3 tracks already connected to your home city, building more tracks will cost money, starting from $5,000 for your 4th track and increasing in price until a maximum of $2.5 million. The route construction costs can be reduced by 30% by hiring the worker Jay Gould.

It is possible to construct several routes simultaneously, but you can only start constructing a route when you already have connection to one of its end points. If you want to build a sequence of several routes, you'll need to wait for each one to finish before you can start construction of the next.

Track # 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... n 103 104
Cost ($) 5,000 6,000 7,500 9,500 12,000 15,000 18,500 ... 5000+250*(n-1)*(n-4) 2,500,000 2,500,000(max)
Duration 0m45s 1m00s 1m15s 1m30s 1m45s 2m00s 2m15s ... 15*(n-1)s 25m30s 25m45s

City Connection[]

You can connect to a new city by laying a route in the same way as for an industry and gain access to enter competitions and earn prestige for goods deliveries to the new city.  Adding a new city to your railway network carries an additional city connection fee which increases as you add more cities to your network, this is only added to the cost of your first route to a particular city.

Cost of connecting a new city to your railway network
City # Cost
2 $100,000
3 $500,000
4 $1,000,000
5 $1,700,000
6 $2,500,000
7 $3,500,000
8 $5,000,000
9 $7,500,000
10 $10,000,000
11 $12,500,000
12 $15,000,000
13 $17,500,000
14 $20,000,000
15 $22,500,000
16 $25,000,000
17 $27,500,000
18+ $30,000,000