The titles show how many goods have players transported yesterday.

The goods can be delivered either in industry, or into town.

The titles are for each goods separately.

There is also title "Profiteer" which shows how big turnover have you made.

First three players who transported the most goods (separately) will get the title and they will get also the bonus prestige.

First players will get 100*E (hundredfold of the era) prestige.

Second players will get 50*E prestige

Third players will get 20*E prestige.

If the first player is holding title straightly for two or more days will get 50% bonus (150*E) to



I don´t know how to enlarge this picture... but,

as you can see, Miki delivered 39,7K wagons of the cantilevers, Amido 39,6K and Fisa812 34,4K.

I delivered only 13,6 K wagons, so I won´t get prestige.

There is 5th Era, so Fisa get 5*20 = 100 Pr., Amido 5*50=250 and Miki 5*100=500. But he held the title two days ago, too, so he also gets 50% bonus (250 prestige).

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