The Swallow is the first steam engine you can use in Era 1. It has 4 upgrades you can unlock.

Production series[edit | edit source]

There are different available production series of this engine. The default is based on the 1835 german Adler which was the first locomotive that was successfully used commercially for the rail transport of passengers and goods in Germany. There are also a Rhaetian LD G 3/4 from Switzerland in two painted variants and also a General class from the USA. They all perform identically, and the only change is cosmetic.

Era 1 Short-haul engine
Tractive Force: 2 (max: 3)
Upgrade: Inlet pipe: +1, $10,000, 7 RP
Reliability: 50% (max: 70%)
Upgrade: Large Steam Dome: +20%, $4,000, 4 RP
Acceleration: 14/20 (max: 18/20)
Upgrade: Steam header: +4, $2,000, 4 RP
Speed: 50 km/h (max: 60 km/h)
Upgrade: Safety valve: +10 km/h, $5,000, 5 RP

Purchase Cost: $15,000 (max: $36,000 )
Research Cost: {{{researchcost}}} RP (max: 20 RP)
Prerequisites: none (0 RP)
Enables: Raven with Inlet pipe + Steam header (11 RP)
Sell price: $10,500 (max: $25,200)
CS: Vlaštovka - DA: Svale - DE: Schwalbe - PT: Carvoeiro - NL: Zwaluw - PL: Jaskółka - RO: Rândunică
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