The Rhinoceros is the joint 3rd engine in the first era with the Whale. Normally the Whale is not considered early on as there is limited passenger options until the cities get to level 5.

Production seriesEdit

There are 4 possible engine variants to choose from for the Rhinoceros. The default is the Prussian G3 engine from the Prussian state railway. The 2nd which must be unlocked is the kkStB 310 Austrian engine. The third is a white painted Prussian G3, and the 4th a GER Class S56.

The Rhinoceros
Era 1 Sprinter
CS: Nosorožec - DA: Næsehorn - DE: Nashorn - PT: Argos - PL: Nosorożec
Tractive Force: 2 (max: 3)
Upgrade: Grueling switch: +1, $40,000, 10 RP
Reliability: 30% (max: 50%)
Upgrade: Turner mounting: +20%, $15,000, 6 RP
Acceleration: 10/20 (max: 14/20)
Upgrade: Fassl propulsion: +4, $10,000, 6 RP
Speed: 110 km/h (max: 130 km/h)
Upgrade: Nelson brake: +20 km/h, $20,000, 7 RP

Purchase Cost: $70,000 (max: $155,000 )
Research Cost: 20 RP (max: 49 RP)
Prerequisites: Raven + Harris wheels (18 RP)
Enables: Donkey with Turner mounting (6 RP)
Sell price: $49,000 (max: $108,500)
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