The cargo bonus engine of the first era.

Production seriesEdit

There is only one production series for the Red Kite. This is based on the H1 545 unit of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Red Kite
The Red Kite
Era 1
PL: Kania Ruda - PT: Sentinela
Tractive Force: 5 (max: 6)
Upgrade: Ender axis: +1, 100  Gold
Reliability: 95% (max: 100%)
Upgrade: Monaco 1 mounting: +5%, 100  Gold
Acceleration: 6/20 (max: 10/20)
Upgrade: Beatwalker switch: +4, 100  Gold
Speed: 95 km/h (max: 110 km/h)
Upgrade: Chrissione brake: +15 km/h, 100  Gold

Purchase Cost: 2250 Gold (max: 2,650 Gold)
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: bonus engine (lottery, competition, etc.)
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