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The Main aim to the game is to be number one for player and association by the end of the game. You do this by collecting prestige by running goods, invested in goods and completing competitions, quests etc.

They are six era in the game, 1 era last for 14 days (express server: 7 days). 50 cities will fight it out through the six era. By the end of the sixth era, the top 10 cities will go an endgame, where it is the first city to send all the goods, wins.  

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Info on the 2014 Update.

Train Station BuildingsEdit

Bank – Construction YardEngine HouseHotelLaboratoryLicence TradeLotteryRestaurantShopping CenterStation ConcourseTrack Production


All Era Table - Era 1 - Era 2 - Era 3 - Era 4 - Era 5 - Era 6 (+ endgame)

Other game elementsEdit

Quests - Goods and wagons - Routes - ResearchAssociationsCompetitionsCitiesEvents - Workers - Titles - Medals - Golden Hour.


They are also four different Servers:

  • Classic
  • Express
  • USA
  • Europe (New)


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