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This wiki contains detailed information on the game Rail Nation, found at http://www.rail-nation.com.

In this game, you are the manager of a railway company. The main aim of the game is to collect as many prestige points as possible by the end of the game. You can do this in many different ways like running goods, investing in industries or completing competitions. The game is strongly based on teamwork, as your own success depends on how well you cooperate with other players within your association, city, faction or region.

There are six eras in the game, each lasting for 14 days (real-time). There are also express servers with two times the speed and sometimes a fast forward server with 4 times the speed. 50 cities need to compete through to the sixth era. By the end of the sixth era, the top 10 cities will go an endgame, where the first city to deliver all the goods, wins.

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There are different gamemodes, which can be played on different speeds