A plus account is an upgrade to your regular playing account, which gives you various advantages in the game.

A plus account can be bought for gold (7 days, 100 gold) or obtained in the lottery or in competitions. If you buy or win a plus account while you already have it, the time will be added to extend its duration. If you have a plus account when the server ends, your remaining time will be transferred if you create an account when the server reopens.

Benefits Edit

  • Doubled bank limit
  • Researcher for the duration of the plus account
  • Timetable calculator (useful as you can find routes with higher income and compare to your current plan)
  • Apply same train schedule/route to several trains (only to trains of the same category, so if you have 5 Odins you can set route only once and apply to all of them. Does not work the same way for bonus engines. Useful for mass and quick changes.)
  • 5% interest rate daily (calculated at 00:00 GMT, probably changing with daylight saving time)
  • Upgrade two Train Station buildings at the same time
  • More detailed statistics available over transports and finances