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The Ogre is the first engine of era 6.

Era 6 Traction giant
Tractive force: 20 (MAX: 25)
Propulsion transformer: +3 πŸ’²250,000 25πŸ’‘
Voltage tapper: +2 πŸ’²160,000 15πŸ’‘
Reliability: 30% (MAX: 50%)
Induction loop: +10% πŸ’²90,000 12πŸ’‘
Dixon protection: +10% πŸ’²85,000 12πŸ’‘
Acceleration: 1/20 (MAX: 1/20)
Max. speed: 65 km/h (MAX: 80 km/h)
Smoothing choke: +15 km/h πŸ’²250,000 35πŸ’‘
Research points: 75 πŸ’‘ (MAX: 174 πŸ’‘)
Purchase price: πŸ’²1,400,000 (MAX:πŸ’²2,235,000)
Selling price: πŸ’²980,000 (MAX:πŸ’²1,564,500)
Requirements: none
Research: Induction loop + Dixon protection (24 πŸ’‘) Β» Phoenix
Propulsion transformer + Voltage tapper (40 πŸ’‘) Β» Pegasus
DE: Oger; PT: Viriato