The Lynx is often a train to aim for in the 2nd era. It is fairly fast, with good acceleration and can pull 5 wagons when fully upgraded.

Production seriesEdit

There are 5 different production series variants for the Lynx. The default version is based on the DR 18 201 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The second variant is the P36 Series of the Russian Railways. The 3rd is the Series CR QJ from China Railways. The 4th variant is based on the Series J-1a Hudson for the New York Central Railroad. The final 5th type is different coloured J1A.

The Lynx
Era 2 Sprinter
DE: Luchs; PT: Lince; PL - Ryś
Tractive Force: 3 (max: 5)
Upgrade: Corrugated plate: +1, $100,000, 15 RP
Upgrade: Driving wheel medium: +1, $100,000, 13 RP
Reliability: 35% (max: 50%)
Upgrade: Driving wheel small: +15%, $30,000, 8 RP
Acceleration: 10/20 (max: 15/20)
Upgrade: Kylchap: +5, $25,000, 6 RP
Speed: 130 km/h (max: 150 km/h)
Upgrade: Waggon axle: +5 km/h, $25,000, 5 RP
Upgrade: Pulverised coal firing: +15 km/h, $55,000, 10 RP

Purchase Cost: $250,000 (max: $585,000 )
Research Cost: 30 RP (max: 87 RP)
Prerequisites: Panther + Rotary clutch + Steam break
Black Bear + Counterbalanced brake + Superheater
Enables: Boar with Waggon axle + Kylchap (11 RP)
Cheetah with Corrugated plate + Driving wheel small (23 RP)
Sell price: $175,000 (max: $409,500)
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