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In the Lottery you may win different prizes, such as game cash, gold, 24h plus account, bonus engines, prestige, licence vouchers, clothing vouchers, and more. You can also win "coins" which can be converted to a reward once you have three of them.

Your level of prestige will determine the level of the lottery booth, which in turn determines which prizes you can win.

Can earn a lottery ticket after collecting bonus for your members in their train stations. Chance of getting a ticket is around 1% each time a bonus is collected.

Lottery Level Prestige Required Example Prizes Coins Redeemable for
1 0 $5,000, $15,000, $30,000, 10 pres., 30 pres., 30 gold -
2 1,000 $40,000, $60,000, $75,000, Gold, Prestige, Current Era Bonus Engine -
3 6,000 Cash, Coin, Gold, Prestige, Research points, Current Era Bonus Engine Prestige, Research points
4 20,000 Cash, Coin, 30 Gold, Licence, Free Upgrade, Bonus Engine -
5 60,000 Cash, 75 Gold, - -


Sometimes you'll win a coin. A coin can't be used immediately, but when you have 3 coins, you can convert them to either cash, prestige, or a number of research points that is half the capacity shown in Laboratory.


Players who spend a lot of gold might benefit from buying lottery tickets instead of the Era bonus engines. Since a Bonus engine costs at least 2250 gold (if you buy 2 at once) up to 2500 gold (if you buy them separately), it equals to 100 to 113 lottery tickets (per bonus engine). aWhen the lottery is at least level 2, A lottery ticket has a 1% chance to get the cargo bonus engine and a 1% chance to get the PAX bonus engine, so you could get both engines for the price of 1 (if you are lucky).