Isis is the cargo bonus engine of era 3.


Isis is named after the Ancient Egyptian goddess. She is quite key in the myth where she resurrects her dead husband King Osiris after whom the engine Osiris is named.

Production seriesEdit

There is only one variant of this engine. It is based on the Series F9 from the USA.

The Isis
Era 3
DE: Isis - PT: Lydya
Tractive Force: 8 (max: 9)
Upgrade: Oakley 7 fan: +1, 100  Gold
Reliability: 85% (max: 90%)
Upgrade: Troll plate: +5%, 100  Gold
Acceleration: 6/20 (max: 11/20)
Upgrade: BigChrist kylchap: +5, 100  Gold
Speed: 130 km/h (max: 150 km/h)
Upgrade: Horsti driving wheel: +20 km/h, 100  Gold

Purchase Cost: 2,500 Gold (max: 2,900 Gold)
Prerequisites: bonus
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