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This is the second passenger engine of this era. It is better performing than the Whale but takes more work to get it.

Greyhound πŸ‘₯
Era 1 Passenger train
Tractive force: 40 (MAX: 45)
Alex Paen lever: +5 πŸ’²50,000 16πŸ’‘
Reliability: 40% (MAX: 60%)
Connecting rod bearing: +20% πŸ’²40,000 11πŸ’‘
Acceleration: 15/20 (MAX: 20/20)
Alex64go steering: +5 πŸ’²20,000 7πŸ’‘
Max. speed: 160 km/h (MAX: 190 km/h)
Compound steam: +20 km/h πŸ’²60,000 12πŸ’‘
Augustus-O cylinder block: +10 km/h πŸ’²40,000 7πŸ’‘
Research points: 35 πŸ’‘ (MAX: 88 πŸ’‘)
Purchase price: πŸ’²200,000 (MAX:πŸ’²410,000)
Selling price: πŸ’²140,000 (MAX:πŸ’²287,000)
Requirements: Falcon + Flux compensator + Heat controller
Research: Alex Paen lever + Compound steam + Augustus-O cylinder block + Alex64go steering + Connecting rod bearing (53 πŸ’‘) Β» Coupling

Production series[]

There are two production series for this type. The default is a NYC Hudson. The alternate series is a Bavarian S 36 series.