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Gold is the bonus currency in Rail Nation. You can obtain and spend gold through the button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Any gold you have when a server ends will be transferred if you make a new account on the same server.

Using Gold[]

Gold can be used to buy different advantages in the game, for example:

  • Plus account, 150 gold for 7 days
  • Starter package, 125 gold, must be bought before you reach 600 prestige points
  • Buying an engine you haven't researched yet, 50 gold
  • Boost an engine, increasing the max speed by 20km/h for an hour, 5 gold
  • Hiring a mechanic, which will keep one engine at 100% condition for 8 hours, 10 gold for era 1 and 2 engines, 20 for era 3 & 4, 30 for era 5 & 6
  • Instant dispatch; remove the waiting time for an engine at an industry, 1-5 gold, seems to depend on waiting time to be skipped
  • Buying clothes and accessories for your avatar
  • Upgrading multiple Train Station buildings simultaneously, 20 gold
  • Instant finish of Train Station building upgrade, price depends on construction time left
  • Instant track building, 3 gold
  • Hiring a researcher (rarely a good idea, get a plus account instead), 40 gold for 24 hours
  • Buying a lottery ticket, 25 gold
  • Repair all trains by one click (still require cash to pay the repairs!), 5 gold
  • Opening a spot for an additional worker in your association, 50 gold (valid for 1 worker, not available if your headquarter already allows 3 spots)

Getting Gold[]

The direct way to get gold is to buy it with actual real-life cash (€, etc.), but sometimes you'll earn gold in the game:

Transfering Gold[]

RN support page about transferring gold