Rail Nation Wiki

Sometimes certain events will occur, which can affect different aspects of your operation, such as costs or duration. On-going events are indicated by an icon with a countdown in the top right corner, below the toolbox. Most events are announced in advance. An event can typically have a duration of 4-24 hours.

Examples of events include:

  • Strike, which means longer waiting times for the affected industry. A strike might involve all factories of a certain type, or just one.
  • An industry working overtime, leading to reduced waiting time for picking up this good.
  • Service cost reduction, meaning you can service your engines at half the usual cost.
  • Cheap engines, 20% off for all purchases.
  • Track maintenance, maximum speed 40 km/h on one particular track.
  • Bad weather, increased damage to trains, visiting/travelling through a certain location (city or industry).