The headquarters is the page for the Association. Here you can donate to the headquarters to increase the size of the association. The association has a home city, and may also have a nationality and description. It also has a prestige ranking within all associations.


Here the chairs and deputies can arrange certain features of the association, such as which other associations they are friendly to, or are rival too. This in turn changes how much they can share resources. They can also invite and approve new members.


Workers can be bid for which aid the association with various advantages for fixed times.

Membership donationsEdit

If members donate either with cash or with vouchers this increases the size of the association allowing it to support more members and more workers. The number of members is X+Y where X is established players, and Y is newbies. The donations required are as follows

Level Donation per member Members Workers
1 25,000
2 50,000
3 80,000
4 125,000
5 250,000
6 500,000 12+1 1
7 900,000 14+1
8 1,500,000
9 2,000,000
10 2,500,000
11 3.000,000
12 3,500,000
13 4,000,000
14 5,000,000