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From time to time, usually with a 6-hour interval, a city will host a competition, where individual players compete against each other. The goal of the competition will always consist of a goods type to deliver, a time limit and an amount, for example "Transport 109 tonnes of grain in 31 minutes".

See also: City Competition

Screenshot 4

A competition (old graphic).


Of course, as with any competition, there will also be prizes. The prize always includes money (#1 get 100%, #2 gets 75%  #3 gets 60%, #4 get 50%, #5 gets 42%, #6 gets 35% , #7 gets 30 %, #8 gets 25%, #9 gets ??% ....). Additionally, it will contain one of the following:

  • prestige (most common) for all players, Goes down like money.
  • research points to the best players (one less for each position),
  • gold goes down like money.
  • a licence to the winner (runner-ups only get money),
  • a lottery ticket for the winner,
  • 24 hour Plus account for the winner,
  • a bonus engine from last era for the winner but only if winner don't have that bonus engine. If winner have that bonus engine already everybody just get cash.
Screenshot 6

Example competition outcome (old graphic).

Signing upEdit

You need to sign up to join a competition. One hour before the competition starts, a notice can be seen above the city. It will count down. When the count down has been reached the competition has started and you can join. You can simply do this by clicking this notice. This means that you have to be online in order to participate in a competition. As you can imagine, sometimes this competition will be in the middle of the night. In order to participate in this competition you can either choose to wake up early, or pay 10 gold to automatically participate. An extra benefit of this is that you will always start at the exact moment the countdown has stopped. If you sign up manually, and are not careful, you may start a bit later, which can cost you the first place.

You can see upcoming competitions in the planning office. You can only see competitions in cities you are connected to. In this screen you can also automatically sign up for upcoming competitions.

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