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Overview of all different city sizes, including Mega City

Cities Overview

Cities are one of the key features of the game.


Keywords: DA: Godskrav, DE: Benötigte Waren, ES: Mercancías en demanda, FI: Vaaditut tuotteet, NL: Benodigde goederen, NO: Nødvendige varer, PL: Potrzebne towary, PT: Bens necessários, SV: Efterfrågade varor

Any time in the game, a city demands goods that will be consumed every 15 minutes. Among all possible goods that a city may accept, 4 of them (only 3 for level 1) will define the possibility of growing: the required goods.

The supply of these required goods can be seen via handy bars.

A city on the map

The bar of any goods can be red, yellow or green:

- if a bar is red, it means that the demanded stockpile level of that good has not been reached,

-if a bar is yellow, it means that the demanded stockpile level has been reached, but after the consuming the level will not be higher than the demanded level,

-if a bar is green, it means that the demanded level has been reached and when the consuming is complete, the stockpile level is still higher than the demanded level.

Example stockpile levels

When all bars are green, the city will grow at the next consumption step. In the new level, the city will ask for new goods if there is at least one goods of the current era that has not yet been delivered. The minimum stockpile level will also increase each level, as well as the prestige bonuses, which are paid out daily to the transporting players.

Level cap[]

Every city has a certain level cap in an era. If a city is growing extremely fast, it is possible that the city will not demand a new goods since undelivered goods are not available yet in that era. However, there is no cap in the last era (6th).

The level cap of each era is 10*E (E=Era)

After update, it will be 8*E.

Era 6 has NO level cap.

Transportation bonus[]

At the end of the day, and for any of the required goods, the people who have transported a demanded good will get a prestige bonus. The player who has transported the most of that good will get the highest prestige bonus. The maximum bonus depends on the level of the city. Players can earn more than one bonus every day: if they transport all demanded goods, they will all get a bonus for these demanded goods.

If a new good is required, players will immediately gain prestige for the replaced goods.

The city where these goods are transported to doesn't have to be the home city of the player.


At the end of era 6, the ten top cities enters in a race where all goods of the game (48) have to be delivered again. Any city starts by asking 12 possible goods; any time the bar of consumption is full, the good is marked complete; this provides prestige points for associations that are distributed among active members that have delivered the good. If all twelve requested goods are completed, they are replaced by twelve new goods, until all 48 goods have been requested. The first city to have consumed all goods ends the final.

Whenever a good is marked complete, this good is no longer required to be delivered. City Consumption will not affect the Completion state of Goods, once a good is delivered completely, you no longer have to deliver it. Also, on completion, all Associations and their players who delivered the good, gain Prestige by rate.

City forum[]

Players can discuss with other players of a city in the city forum. To reach the forum, you can simply click the city and then on city forum.


You can connect to a new city simply by building a new route in the same way as connecting an industry, each new city connected to your railway network carries an additional city connection cost.