Keywords: DA: Togstation, DE: Bahnhof, ES: Estación, FI: Rautatieasema, NL: Station, NO: Togstasjon, PL: Stacja kolejowa, PT: Estação de comboios, RO: Gara, SV: Tågstationer, CZ: Nádraží

The Train Station has 11 buildings.

BankLicence TradeLaboratoryConstruction YardEngine HouseTrack ProductionStation ConcourseLotteryRestaurantShopping CentreHotelTrain station

Licence Trade - increases the number of licences you may hold at any one time.

Bank - increases your account limit.

Laboratory - generates and stores research points.

Construction Yard - reduces the construction time of new buildings.

Track Production - increases the number of available routes.

Engine House - increases the number of engines you can own at any one time.

Station Concourse - determines the number of passenger engines you can use, and gives a lot of prestige points.

Hotel - generates prestige and increases your income.

Restaurant - generates a regular income every 1½ hours.

Shopping centre - generates a regular income every 6 hours.

Lottery - allows you to buy lottery tickets.

All buildings are at level 1 when the game starts, and with the exception of the Lottery building, can be upgraded multiple times by the player during the game.

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