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NthnH NthnH 19 July

Association Rules

This is where I will be declaring my association rules. A dutch version can be found here.
Freedom of speech, but respect each other
Keep the game fun for everyone

- keep waiting times low, by riding all required goods

- invest in industries that have high occupancy rate - don't connect to cities in our region of which you don't plan to ride on (PAX and helping city level up)

Be active and take a sitter for when you aren't able to play

- a healthy grow is expected, keep up with the rest of the association

- try your best to get the best trains of the Era, this will help leveling the city more efficiently

Build, build, build

- more than 57 000 prestige can be earned by just the buildings alone

- restaurant, shopping centre and hote…

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NTSapphire NTSapphire 20 March 2018

Rail Nation Tips and Advice!

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