The Black Bear is the second engine that can be researched depending on how the research proceeds. It is reachable via the Bat.

Production seriesEdit

There are four different production series available for the Black bear. The default engine is based on the Series SNCF 232 TC. The second is based on the Series 2-10-2 of the Santa Fe type. The third is a green painted Series 232. The 4th is another variant of the Santa Fe type.

Black Bear
The Black Bear
Era 2 Short-haul engine
DE: Schwarzbär; PT: Navegador; PL: Baribal
Tractive Force: 6 (max: 6)
Reliability: 40% (max: 65%)
Upgrade: Superheater: +15%, $30,000, 7 RP
Upgrade: Sleeve buffer: +10%, $15,000, 5 RP
Acceleration: 15/20 (max: 19/20)
Upgrade: Gooseneck: +4, $10,000, 3 RP
Speed: 70 km/h (max: 90 km/h)
Upgrade: Counterbalanced brake: +10 km/h, $50,000, 10 RP
Upgrade: Boiler: +10 km/h, $45,000, 10 RP

Purchase Cost: $175,000 (max: $325,000 )
Research Cost: 25 RP (max: 60 RP)
Prerequisites: Bat + Driver's brake valve
Enables: Lynx with Counterbalanced brake + Superheater (17 RP)
Sell price: $122,500 (max: $227,500)
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