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The Bat is the first cargo engine available in era 2. It is a reasonable improvement on some of the era 1 engines.

Production series[]

There are 4 variants of the Bat available with suitable unlocking. The default is based on the LNER Class A3 developed by Sir Nigel Gresley. The second variant is a different lighter coloured version of the same engine. The third variant is based on the Series 750 light Pacific USA engine. The 4th variant is another 750 in different colours.

Era 2 Long-haul engine
Tractive force: 4 (MAX: 5)
Preheating fan: +1 πŸ’²60,000 10πŸ’‘
Reliability: 50% (MAX: 60%)
Barnes lever: +10% πŸ’²30,000 6πŸ’‘
Acceleration: 1/20 (MAX: 2/20)
Driver's brake valve: +1 πŸ’²75,000 11πŸ’‘
Max. speed: 150 km/h (MAX: 175 km/h)
Emanation: +15 km/h πŸ’²40,000 7πŸ’‘
Smoke deflectors: +10 km/h πŸ’²30,000 5πŸ’‘
Research points: 25 πŸ’‘ (MAX: 64 πŸ’‘)
Purchase price: πŸ’²165,000 (MAX:πŸ’²400,000)
Selling price: πŸ’²115,500 (MAX:πŸ’²280,000)
Requirements: none
Research: Preheating fan (10 πŸ’‘) Β» Panther
Driver's brake valve (11 πŸ’‘) Β» Black Bear
DE: Fledermaus; PT: Andorinha; PL - Nietoperz