The Artemis is the first multi-slot passenger engine that can be built.


Artemis is the ancient Greek goddess of hunting, wild animals, the Moon and chastity. Daughter of Zeus and Leto, and twin of Apollo. She had a temple dedicated to her at Ephesus that become one of the seven wonders of the world.

Production seriesEdit

There are two variants in the production series. The default first one is based on the Green Diamond that ran between Chicago and St. Louis. The second is based on the Talgo Series 1 in Spain which set several records.

The Artemis
Era 3 Multi-slot passenger train
Tractive Force: 280 (max: 360)
Upgrade: Additional seating rows: +30, $150,000, 17 RP
Upgrade: Raatz pinion: +50, $200,000, 23 RP
Reliability: 20% (max: 40%)
Upgrade: Roller bearing: +20%, $90,000, 12 RP
Acceleration: 1/20 (max: 3/20)
Upgrade: Anekc1312 torque converter: +1, $100,000, 15 RP
Upgrade: Mellenthin coupling: +1, $80,000, 10 RP
Speed: 70 km/h (max: 80 km/h)
Upgrade: GustavHarkort hydraulics: +10 km/h, $100,000, 14 RP

Purchase Cost: $800,000 (max: $1,520,000 )
Research Cost: 40 RP (max: 131 RP)
Spaces in EH: 2
Prerequisites: Prometheus + Gas spring + Cross-coupling + Friction damping + Fork joint
Enables: Morpheus with GustavHarkort hydraulics + Anekc1312 torque converter + Additional seating rows (46 RP)
Sell price: $560,000 (max: $1,064,000)
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