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Ares is the joint first engine available for Era 4.

In-game info[]

Era 4 Marathoner
Tractive force: 7 (MAX: 8)
Friction shock absorber: +1 πŸ’²120,000 15πŸ’‘
Reliability: 75% (MAX: 95%)
Pneumatic signal bell: +10% πŸ’²50,000 7πŸ’‘
Gear coupling: +10% πŸ’²50,000 7πŸ’‘
Acceleration: 5/20 (MAX: 8/20)
5KW alternator: +3 πŸ’²35,000 6πŸ’‘
Max. speed: 120 km/h (MAX: 140 km/h)
Central lubrication: +20 km/h πŸ’²110,000 16πŸ’‘
Research points: 30 πŸ’‘ (MAX: 81 πŸ’‘)
Purchase price: πŸ’²300,000 (MAX:πŸ’²665,000)
Selling price: πŸ’²210,000 (MAX:πŸ’²465,500)
Requirements: None
Research: Central lubrication + Pneumatic signal bell + Gear coupling (30 πŸ’‘) Β» Neptune
5KW alternator + Friction shock absorber (21 πŸ’‘) Β» Horus
DE: Ares; PT: Ares